Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to purchases in the e-shop www.tanecni-doplnky.cz. The Terms and Conditions further specify and clarify the mutual rights and obligations of the seller and customer(buyer).

The seller and www.tanecni-doplnky.cz e-shop provider is :

Martin Mašek
Výroba zboží nejen pro taneční sport
IČO: 69008019, DIČ: CZ7809120495, Trade Certificate issued by Municipal Authority Sadská ref: 2416/385/98

Address:Pražská 413,289 12 Sadská, Czech Republic
Phone number:(+420) 325 594 717
Mobile phone:(+420) 604 661 123
Bank account: 51-7208860247/0100

All relations arising from a contract between seller and customer are in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic. In case the customer is a person, the relations not governed by the Terms and Conditions are governed by Civil Code Act (No. 40/1964 Coll.) and the Consumer Protection Act (No. 634/1992 Coll.). In case the customer is other subject, the relations not governed by the Terms and Conditions are governed by Commercial Code (No. 513/1991 Coll.), as ammended.

Purchase contract

In case the customer is a person, the seller expresses its willingness to conclude a purchase contract for goods or services under such conditions by placing the offer of goods on the e-shop website. The purchase contract arises upon delivery of a purchase from the customer to the seller. In case the customer is other subject, the purchase from the customer is a purchase contract proposal and the contract arises when written agreement of the seller is delivered to the customer. Between the customer and the seller arise from that moment mutual rights and obligations.

The customer confirms by concluding the purchase contract that he is familiar with these Terms and Conditions, including the complaint procedure, and that he agrees with them. The customer is notified about these Terms and Conditions prior to the purchase and can get familiar with them.

The seller reserves the right to cancel the order or its part before concluding the purchase contract, based on agreement with the customer, in the event that the purchased goods are already not produced or supplied or the price significantly changed. The customer will be notified about the order cancellation. If the customer already paid for the canceled order, the appropriate amount of money will be refunded.

The customer right to cancel the contract

When concluding the purchase contract by means of remote communication (Internet commerce), the consumer has according to § 53 paragraph 7 of the Civil Code the protection period of 14 days to return the goods without giving any reason. The contract cancellation can be done also by phone call or email message prior to the shipment of goods. If the customer choose the option to cancel the contract within 14-day return period, he must send a copy of the delivery of goods including sheet and cover letter with cancellation of the purchase contract. The customer can not cancel the purchase contract if the goods were already partially consumed and in case where the nature of the good excludes this option (especially for health reasons). In the event that the goods will be returned incomplete, damaged or visibly worn, the seller will demand appropriate amount of money from the customer. The goods sent back using Cash on delivery service will not be accepted.

Money refund

The money will be refunded to the customer within 30 days of withdrawal. In case the goods are returned back the money will be sent to the customer using money order or based on the customer request using the bank transfer to his bank account.

Delivery of goods

The goods are usually shipped within 2-3 working days. In case the customer will not collect the shipment, the seller can claim the reimbursement of transport fee.

Warranty claim policy


The warranty period is 24 months, unless stated otherwise. The warranty period longer than 24 months and its terms are marked on the warranty card. If the product, its packaging or instructions for use are marked in accordance with special regulations with expiration date, the warranty period ends on that date. The warranty period starts when the goods are delivered to the customer. The warranty period is extended by a period during which the product is in warranty repair. In case the product is replaced by a new one, the warranty period continues again when the new piece is delivered to the customer.

Warranty scope

The warranty does not cover wear and tear caused by the product normal use. Before first use, the custumer is obliged to read product warranty and operating instructions (if included) and follow this information. The warranty does not cover the defects caused by misuse of the product, contrary to the instructions for use.

Shipment checking

It's recommended to check the status of the shipment on delivery. If the product packaging is mechanically damaged or the product is incomplete, the consumer is advised to make the record of shipment damage to the transport service documents and have the carrier person acknowledge this fact or not to accept the goods. If the shipment has any defects regarding quantity, type of goods ordered, invoice details, or any apparent visible defects, the customer is obliged to complain about it to the seller.

Warranty claim

In the event that a defect appears on the purchased goods during the warranty period, the customer is entitled to make a warranty claim. The customer must send the defective goods (including a copy of delivery note, warranty card and a cover letter describing the defect) to the address of the seller. The deadline for warranty claim settlement is a maximum of 30 days from the delivery of defective goods and documents about the circumstances of the defect.

Privacy policy

Personal data policy is provided in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on the Protection of Personal Data, as amended. Customer personal data are protected against misuse. By concluding the purchase contract the customer agrees that the provider will collect and process his personal data in the database until a written statement of disagreement with such processing is provided by the customer.

Personal data provided during the purchase will be used only for internal provider purposes and will not be provided to other subjects. The only exception is shipping service providers, which will receive the minimum customer personal information required for purchase delivery.

These term and conditions are valid from October 1, 2011